Too soon to tell but I don't know what to do?

I just started talking to a guy 4 days ago, (we have a date this weekend), but since then he has texted me a ton, called twice a day and is talking about taking me on vacation and about our "future". I do not like drama or conflict and i don't want to b a b*tch. I just don't know how to tell this guy to chill you're creeping me out in a nice way. I'm not even sure if i am attracted to him. He a nice, sweet, caring, hard working person so i don't want to hurt his feelings.


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  • Wow he must really like you but he's waay too clingy if you ask me, clingy people usually are the jealous type from my experience, i know it might hurt him to let him know but the faster you do it the better.. no point in stringing someone along

  • "it's 2 early 2 talk about our future dude"



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