A Detailed Question About whether or not asking this girl out with some specific conditions. The details are on the below. Please check it out?

So here is the deal. I am friends with this girl and she already might have heard from her friends about me liking her. We still hang out and do goofy things and for example; we were playing a game and a friend of mine took a photo of us and put a hearty symbol and put it to his story. When she saw it , she was like "pffffffffff". Also , She asked me about a guy named Y might liking her and what should she do. Because she does not like him. Now this girl is like my opposite in some cases. I love to just go on stages and present or give speeches. She is a bit shy normally. And before she came to my school , in california , she had a really bad breakup so she still is a bit shakey on the whole dating thing. On top , a best friend of that girl says that i shouldn't ask her out because i might hurt her by asking her on a date. That friend says that she might be depressed and she might alliniate her self from me and forcing me to choose friends and etc. I am really confused because i believe that asking a girl out is totally normal and rejections are a part of it. I am not actuaally afraid of rejection but i dont now if should ask her or not? And the bad part , after 2 weeks, she might return to her old school. So many variablessss. So should i ask this girl out or not?


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  • She is not interested in you, she considers you her friend.


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  • Yeah, do it. If she thinks it's weird she can eat a dick.