I'm stuck between two totally different guys, and I'm not sure what to do. Help?

I'm going to try and make this as short and sweet as I can. A bit about each of them (using random names here so don't mind that) -

Guy 1 - Beau. I've known him for two years now. I worked with him in 2013, and that was how we met. He's the rebellious, bad boy, dangerous vibe kind of guy. And I mean dangerous in the good sense. He's a bit of a swinger, not caring for relationships and being tied down. I'm alright with that. He's helped me really break out a bit from the shyness I have. We're always flirty with each other and any experience I have is with him, though not all the way.

Guy 2 - James. I've known him for a bit over a year. He's more of your average guy, and in the Army reserves. We both like each other, andthough he asked me out a year ago and I said no, I finally said something about it, and we've agreed to try and go out.

Problem. I've hung out with Beau more than James, and now, ever since I've told James I liked him, I've been questioning my decision. At first, when I told Beau about it, he seemed jealous, but I'm not sure now. They're both fun to hang out with, but with James, it seems there's no spark. I wondered if it was because I haven't seen him since I told him I liked him, but we're not flirty at all with each other even over text, whereas with Beau, we (not always) are a lot of the time. I feel that spark, that nervous excitement when I'm around him. But the biggest issue is, if I stay with James, I could risk Beau actually wanting something, but if I say nevermind to James, I risk Beau not wanting something, and me losing a chance. I guess the shortest way to put it, is I'm torn between them both, and I don't know who to pick. I don't want to hurt either person.

Any advice at all would be extremely helpful. Any confusion, or need any more info, please don't hesitate to ask. I know this was kind of quick and may not be clear. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Honestly, it sounds like you haven't given the "spark" all that much time to develope with James. Honestly, it sounds like Beau really is a player, and Im sure you think he's so confident right? The thing with players is that "confidence" you think you see? Its not confidence its a mix of apathy and narcissism. Basically, they dont give a shit about you other than to stroke their ego.

    Gives James a little more time if no spark developes, try and find another guy, not like Beau.


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  • Are you just looking for a relationship? Then stay with James.

    If you want to go with feelings, then obviously Beau.

  • James just seems like an average guy and you said there is no spark between the two of you. With Beau you seem to have more feelings for him over James.

  • You haven't had enough time with James and Beau sounds a bit like a player.

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