He acted thoughtless towards me, am I right in thinking he should contact first if he want to work things out?

Long story short the guy I've been seeing for a few months acted in a way which was careless towards me (was flaky with plans and if ignored me when I needed help) I sent him a message about it and he never replied. That was 2 nights ago and I haven't messaged him since.
I figure that's his move now.
I included him in a snapchat, just to see if I got a reaction lol and he didn't even open it, yet watched everything on my story? Why would he do that?
i don't want to message him first because I only want to see him again if he's going to be more thoughtful.
If he truly likes me, even if he sees the situation differently he'll contact me right? Am I right in thinking he should contact me first? And if he never does I guess that's it?


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  • he's not treating you right, so it's best for you to just dump him on the spot and move on

  • From what you've said, he's clearly just not that into you. If I were you I'd move on from him cause he's just gonna break your heart.