Is this a way to make me jealous or does he really have feelings for this girl?

I've known this guy for a a year now and the entire time he always flirted with me and was very sweet to me.. I ended up falling for him and I thought he felt the same about me but then recently he started dating a girl that I didn't even know he was talking to, and to make it worse he kept telling me about his first date with her and how they are together now as if I was supposed to be happy for him.. We are both 17, and honestly from all of the mixed signals I feel heartbroken but I would love some honest opinions


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  • I hate to say it, but guys don't often do things to make girls jealous. :/ That tends to be more of how girls operate. While its possible I'd be prepared that its not, just in case. All I can say is that you might want to observe the relationship and see just exactly how legitimate it appears to be. Also when he talks to about his relationship, don't pretend to be happy for his sake. Either he'll keep talking to you about it even though you're showing signs of jealousy, or he'll stop or at least talk about her less. If its the first one, its most likely that its a play to make you jealous and find out if you actually have feelings for him. However if its the second one, it might just be that he really is into this girl and you're going to have to wait for your chance to come around again if they don't work out.


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  • Guess he's seein u as a friend mostly...


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