How old of a guy would you 18 year old girls date?

So let's say you just graduated from high school, how old would the guy be before you wouldn't date him? Hopefully that makes sense


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  • When I was 18 -- I wouldn't date someone that was 25+

    b/c to me at that time 25+ would be what I considered "old"

    I mean the max age would be 25 and I'll be friends with them but I would never date them.

    It just kind of feels like at that time I dated an older guy-we would just be at different phases of our lives...

    but I as grew up and saw more and experienced more and learned more. and I have like goals and I have dreams and desires to want to like go out on trips --i started to find that older guys gave me what I wanted.

    but yet I do have to stick in there that I all depends on the girl and what the girl is looking for.

    but when I was 18 I wouldn't dated anyone pass 25.

  • It all depends on maturity, age doesn't really come into it, I think!

    Also having the same intrestes & dreams has a big part to play

    When I was 18 I was in a relationship with a 25yr old, people thought I was mature for my age & he was immature, so it worked

    but I also have friends which @ 18 had a dated guys 10yrs+!

    personally I think 30yrs old would b border line for me!

    But remember every girl is different!


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