I've noticed she's been active on the dating site.

Well I met a girl on an online dating service. We emailed for a couple weeks then set a date up. We had a blast on our first date. After that we would talk or text everyday. We set up a second date. On this day she sent me a text apologizing saying her grandpa was admitted into the hospital and she was leaving work. I asked her the next day day about him. She responded. Then for a ole week I never heard from her. On Halloween she called. We talked and she said if I was to get out call her so we could meet up. I never got out. I knew she was leaving for two weeks for work. We emailed while she was gone. The day she returned she sent me an email. Then a day later she called me. We set up a date again. This time she text me and said her grandpa passed earlier in the day. So I text her just saying if there was anything I could do let me know. I haven't heard anything from her since then. But I've noticed she's been active on the dating site. Should I be worried or how should I handle this?


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  • Hello.

    Maybe she was active on the dating site to contact someone she's friends with to tell them about her Grandpa?.

    Try not to jump to negative conclusions.

    Hope everything is OK.

  • Seriously I don't think you should be worried about it. It sounds like she is at least attempting to make plans with you. That there is a good sign.

    The whole staying on the dating site thing is her way of keeping her options open. You don't want her to just assume you want to become exclusive with her right off the bat right?!

    • Hi there, thanks for responding. No not at all, I just stopped letting my feelings get involved with girls a couple of years ago and with this one just the way we talk about things and ask questins about each other I kinda let them slip. Waitings the hardest thing and its always nice to have someone talk to you to see from outside the box. Thank you

    • You're welcome.

      Good Luck!


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