I feel confused with WHAT A WOMAN WANT?

I went out with this girl on 9th date,
kissed her since first date.
Finally had chance laying on the same bed together with her (in her friend's house) after having dinner on the 9th date (since she indicated wanna give me a massage)
then i led her sitting on my top. kissing me, then i said, ''show me what you like ;)''
she was suprised (since she told me she masturbates three times per day while we chat in my car previously), but seems like ignoring me, i didn't pissed off completely.

Just wonder: should i go out with her again?
She seems ''wanna take things slow'', sometimes i would read it as ''playing hard to get'', but she let me kiss her since the first date!
P/S: our personality is quite same, she's honest, doesn't play mind games, elder than me 2 years, im 23 by the way. but IM NOT THAT SUPER SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO HER, not to say she's very ugly lol.

I feel like wanna move on. Should I?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • yup... bu take things slow as she suggested :)

    • i scared having ''blue balls'' every time meeting her, there were two times happening when i reached home lol!

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What Girls Said 2

  • If you are already having doubts you shouldn't be with her. The first stages before a relationship should be the best.

  • You don't like her, there's no point in trying.

    • I like her personality, doesn't play mind games, honest as me!
      But the fact of ''taking it slow'' seems bothering me.
      Maybe if she's that hot, i would ''take it slow''...
      I don't know, sexual attraction is a must in a relationship?

    • To me it is. I couldn't date someone I'm not attracted to even if he was the best and most intelligent man in the world.

What Guys Said 1

  • Women just want snacks that are only 99 calories and visibly younger skin in 3 weeks or their money back! hahahaha