How to get a guy to start talking to you?

I'm 16 and going into my junior year, the guy I'm interested in is 15 and going into his sophomore year. I'm a competitive swimmer and this guy is on my team. I'm a bit old fashion and I like the guy to make the first 'move' but I dont like waiting around, I was wondering if theyre were anyways to start talking to him but still make him think he was interested first and make a move or something like that? Like my friend said to get his number but I feel like that be too awkward and forced, I'm all about it feeling natural. We've spoken a few time, sorta. One time we were lifting and I was on a machine and he came up to me and asked what a machine was (even though it was obvious) but then my friend answered. He's asked me a few questions at practices (he doesn't talk to a lot of people out of his group). Today he ran into me and said sorry. So nothing that shows any signs. Our team is going on a canoe trip this Thursday and I know he's going. I've caught him staring at me a couple of times. He's heard me talk about my best friend, which is a guy, and I dont want him to think he's my boyfriend. Any tips on helping me start talking subtly? or any tips any way? Thank you.


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  • "I don't like waiting around" You need to be patient for starters. Old fashioned girls are very patient. "but still make him think he was interested first". By that, you are assuming he is interested at all, and in addition, is manipulative. Why does this have to be some complex game? Because it is not. Simply walk up to him, give him your phone number, and welcome him to call. IF he is interested in you in that way, he will call you. If he does not, well, he isn't. That is the true test.


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  • Talk to him instead of waiting