How to date an Albanian boy in the US?

Given the marked male and female roles, I was just wondering how is it that men get a bride? Given the fact that in some places, most women are not seen on the streets, it must be hard to interact with someone from the opposite sex. How do they get to know each other? A few months ago, I met a boy from Kosovo and he's been basically trying to get my mom to invite him over for dinner. I don't understand why he doesn't talk to me and ask me out. How do this things work in Albania? Why is he trying to win over the elders in my house?
This is driving me nuts. Any ideas would really help me!
Thank you!


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  • It's backwards in eastern Europe and a lot of the guys are actually sub-human. I wouldn't go there if I were you.


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  • Umm, as far as I know, women in Albania have the exact same freedom as men do. So there is not much difference in the male and female roles there.