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So I went on a second date with a girl that lasted like 10 hours and it went great. The next morning she bascially asked me on the third date. But I started worrying when she didn't reply to my texts right away because I was use to her talking to me all the time for like two weeks straight and answering right away. Ever since she had been distent saying she was just busy so I kept worrying and texting her more and more. Our third date was canceled because the building was damaged that we were going to take the class in. But she said she she wants to go next time they have the class. But me being in idiot that I am started worrying again and wanted to go on a date soon so I kept texting and she said that she is busy and I am being weird. Now that she said that I realized that I have been being weird to I apologized for being weird for the past few weeks.

I have always worried about everything since I can remember. If I got a cut when I was little I thought I was going to die lol.

So my question is, is that enough to push a girl over the edge and not want to date me anymore? Ever since she said I was being weird I haven't been texting her and that was 3 days ago. I was planning to wait 5 more days to when I know the class will be scheduled agian to ask her.


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  • It would become too much after so long & possibly push a girl away, try not to worry & text her so much and let her come to you. Like she said, she was busy :) Just give her a chance to hit u up, I'm sure she will. :) I know ur concerned she may not hit u up but from what u said she wants to go out with u again, it's just life responsibilities got in the way.

    • The only thing is she said that I am being weird. I wish I knew if she meant it seriously or sarcastically. I have been being weird and I admitted it to her. Hopefully that wasn't the kiss of death

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    • I hope it does she kinda sounded annoyed I guess i'll give her time

    • Yeah giving her time could help. :)

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  • If it lasted 10 hours and it went great and she also asked you out, then you're good to go!
    Which means, she likes you but you're being overbearing and you probably sound a little umm desperate to her.

    • Yes I realized that the other night that I was being over bearing so I layed way off of the texting but I can't help but feel like its to late so hopefully giving her space is the right thing?

    • Yes, give her some space and let her reach you.

    • She also use to text me every night for two weeks straight and we would usually talk until she would fall asleep so I guess now its my turn to be overbearing

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