He bailed on our first date, but he still calls me, what's going on?

The guy I've been talking to for the past couple weeks wanted to meet up and so we set something up, I knew he had stuff to do until around 1 o'clock that day he calls saying he hasn't finished yet. Then 11 rolls around, mind you I go to work the next day, and he wants to go out. Only when he's telling me he wants to go out, I hear other people in the background, so it wouldn't even be us alone it would be with his friends joining us. Does he want me to meet his friends or is it something else? And I guess if he still calling me that he's a bit interested still but, why would he bail and in addition we didn't even set up another date or anything so What's going on? I'm so confused! =[


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  • Live life in the moment, plans are usually cliche and bland; true fun comes from within and is released as a spontaneous moment.

    This guy enjoys the company of individuals which is shown through his interactions with you, and his friends, while maintaining a busy life. You notified us in your OP that he had notified you prior to the "first date" you both had arranged, which he did to notify you he was still fairly busy and couldn't make it. It takes a considerate soul to call ahead of time so that your expectations aren't completely crushed for a failure to appear.

    He invited you out a second time because he enjoys your company. Usually after a failed attempt of a first date, the guy (or girl) will act awkward and wierd. This is because they are worried about correcting any hurt feelings and expressing themselves correctly so that both individuals have fun.

    Needless to say - live in the moment, don't worry so much about what he believes or thinks about you; if you do this, you will only stress yourself out and create bad vibes and unnecessary tension.

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    • I appreciate the best answer, if I can help more let me know ^_^

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    • He didn't add anything to it he just said "Why can't you just let go?"

    • And were you guys talking about anything such as chores, emotions, relationships, etc?


      - "Why can't you just get off your ass and do something with me?"

      - "Were you talking to that girl over there?"

      - "I'm having a horrible day. I'm sooooo stressed out" *Tears*

      - "That f***ing asshole played me again, now he's doing it to another girl"

      etc and so forth =)

      Please describe more on the conversation at the time of when he said this =)

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  • my guess is either 3 things: 1, he actually did have stuff to do and his friends just happened to be there. 2, he likes you but he's still nervous to be with you alone 3. he's likes you but he's not that serious about the relationship. if he's a good guy, number 2 but it could be possible he's a bit of a jerk and he could just not have his sht together.