Is it true that women's definition of harassment is influenced by how attractive the man is?

I searched online as there was a study which seemed to indicate that women are far less likely to report harassment if the guy was attractive and single.

What do you think and why?

  • Yes, women don't really care what an attractive guy does and would never accuse him of harassment.
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  • It does influence women slightly.
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  • I don't think it makes a difference.
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  • I think women are more likely to report more attractive men for harassment.
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  • I will be the first woman to say that SOME women will let their opinions sway if the guy is attractive. However, you have to consider what the guy is doing: for me, if someone makes a crude remark to me or harasses me, how good he looks DOES NOT MATTER because it isn't respectful and shows what kind of guy he is. But I have been told by friends that "at least if the guy was hot" it wouldn't have been so bad.

    • One example I think is when guys do something they intend to be romantic and the woman interprets it as creepy or clingy. Do you think that's less likely to happen if the guys attractive? I don't want to go into that whole nice guy argument but based on what I've heard, good looking guys can do what they want and women will see it as good in some way.

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    • Ahh I know, believe me. It's frustrating and it's hard, but there's hope. You just have to find the right person - and I know, I know, EVERYONE says that. But it's true. More people you meet aren't worth dating even if you think they are, because they'd never appreciate you. Keep sifting and you'll find the girl that will treat you well.

    • Thanks. :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • There might be a little sway but I don't think it's the most important factor. Just like don't harass women. Everyone will be happy that way.

    • I think one of the worries is that messing up asking out a woman that doesn't find a guy attractive would lead to being accused of harassing her.

    • That's only a problem if he can't take no for an answer and starts harassing her.

  • I think it does influence some women slightly, especially insecure women because a guy of such attractiveness is out of their league, or so they feel, and being w/him is like a once in a lifetime opportunity. While I feel kinda the same, to a certain extent, abuse is abuse no matter who the person is, in my opinion. But yes, some women, not all, are less likely to admit it's abuse because of how attractive he is.


What Guys Said 7

  • It does influence. But it depends on what the guy did. If a hot charming guy touches their butt, many girls won't report him or call him out, but if that guy was ugly, they'd get mad.
    But if the hot charming guy grabs their boobs and squeezes them, I'm pretty sure the vast majority will think it's harassment.

  • I've noticed this too. I think it influences girls slightly, same with guys. If they find the guy is attractive then they will see what he does in a positive light, but there's always a line that is drawn. I've seen this before where women complain about a "creepy" guy checking them out. This guy was a "creeper" because he wasn't good looking. They commented on how ugly he was and how he was creepy and harassing them. The same women would get super excited and exclaim how a "hot" guy was checking them out.
    I think this goes for both genders in some way or the other, but it's still strange

  • Do you have a link to that study?


      There's not much detail in it and it was done in 1994 I think. There are a few more studies about this online but I read that one first. I'm asking here because I've heard it before and I'm curious what the perception is.

    • I think it could have evolutionary roots.

      If an ugly guy impregnated a female she'd become pregnant with a kid with poor genetics.

      If an attractive guy impregnated a girl shed give birth to a kid with good genetics.

      Girls only have a limited number of tries at reproduction so for her to give birth to a genetic dud, it would be more of a waste. So maybe they evolved to have more of an innate aversion to sexual advances from undesirable men :/

  • only in SOME gals actually

  • This has been proven relative to judiciary law.

  • Damn thats crazy

  • I think it influences them slightly.