If he is still interested, why does it seem like he doesn't want to see me?

We went out a couple of times. He texted non-stop for days. Then all of a sudden he hardly ever did anymore. Once in a while I would text first, and he would not always reply. I figured he lost interest when a day went by without anything so I was like, forget it, whatever.

After a couple of days without contact, he started texting again, randomly and 1-2 times a day, hardly ever replying after I replied, and just things like good morning, or hows you day

A couple of nights ago he asked me what I was doing that night, said he was doing nothing. I figured he wanted to get together, so since I was busy I asked what he was doing the next night. After he said nothing again, I eventually suggested we do something. He jokingly shot down what I suggested, so I figured he had something else in mind. However, he never pursued it.

The next night he texted all flirty again. Effectively, he'd had a chance to see me that night, but preferred to text instead?

Today he texted unusually more than recently and stopped again, abruptly. It's such a varied change in patterns of texting.

My questions is, if he is still interested, why does it seem like he doesn't want to see me?

Or if he isn't interested, why continue to maintain contact? I rarely initiate msgs, it's always him. Yet, when I reply, either he takes forever, or never replies back. It's like a cat and mouse game or something.

whoa, that's weird the title of the thing changed. I didn't even know it could do that..


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  • If you aren't initiating things, he may think that you are not interested. It is very hard to effectively flirt through text messages. So while you may think it is coming across as flirty, may not seem like that to him.

    Ive done similar things when girls don't start any conversations. I will only start things for so long before I either get tired of it or decide she isn't interested.

    Why don't you try calling him and making a date, or making a very clear date through a text.

    Either way it should clear things up.


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