I played one of those cheating pranks and now my girlfriend has not talk to me in a day (it was a bit bad), what can I do?

On youtube people play cheating on there girlfriend, so i decide for fun to do one.
We're together for 2 1/2 years so i though of doing this prank for fun.

I basically chaged one of my friends number to a fake girl and put my phone near my girlfriend and let her read the messages while i was in the washroom. I came out and she was very mad and came at me and was yelling, so i just went along with it, but then things turned serous and she gave me a hard slap in the face, smashed my phone and said some unkind words which i can't mention on here. Well after all this i told her it's a prank and she started to cry. I told her to even can call my friend to even see but she had none of it and and walked herself home even though i caught up to her and explain to her it was a prank. But she did not speak to me much.

I messed up :( didn't know it was going to have such a huge backfire. Is this a situation i give her time or should i go to her house with chocolates and flowers tomorrow.

GIRLS would you get over this in 3 days maybe?


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  • LOL After 2 1/2 years you should kind of know if she can handle a joke like that or not. I'm sure she'll get over it. Also some of the dumbest human beings on the planet put crap on YouTube. My suggestion is not to follow what is on there.

    • it was just a thing, like when she was yelling at me she was saying "your the one i want to marry and i would do anything for you, etc.." i felt bad cause damn, i didn't expect her to talk about marriage now lol. I'll give her a couple of days.

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  • That was pretty dumb

    • now that i think of it, it was, should i give her time?

  • I'd give her a week to cool off. Then contact her.