After a while he stopped kissing me because it was getting too heated?

So I was in my dates car kissing, he started touching my boobs through my shirt and slowly tried to touch underneath, but didn't realise I had on another top lol. After a while he stopped kissing me and says '' we better stop it getting too heated''.. And he said something couldn't happen right here. Then last minute I said he hadn't given me a hug and we ended up passionately kissing for the last time. When I was getting out his car, I got stuck and made a joke about him wanting to take me home with him and he said not Today.

So I'm guessing he was getting really turned from kissing me? He kept asking me if I felt anything below my breasts and If a guy has ever turned me on before...


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  • I think maybe he wanted to prevent an embarassing "situation".

    • I didn't even think of this, thanks

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  • Below your breasts?

    • Yeah I think he was seeing if I was turned on or something

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