What does it mean if a girl keeps staring at me and shows she's interested but acts really mean towards me?

I can see of the corner of my eye that she stares at me. This one girl who sits next to me told me that she heard her say that she likes me when she was talking to her friend in the locker room. But when im mext to her she acts mean. During basketball, she didn't want to be on my team. When she would make a shot on me she would tell me i sucked. But she appearently likes me. HOW?


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  • She's interested, and acting mean is just a way she copes with her feeling around you... maybe she really likes you, but when u get near her, she gets really nervous and ends up being mean?

    • So why would she want to join in our basketball game when she could just stay away and not have to be like that.

    • Maybe thats her way of expressing her feelings towards you... girls, same as guys express their feeling in very different ways

    • Fucking biology lol. thanks for commenting.

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