Stopped texting me out of nowhere?

So I have been talking to this guy, texting so far to be exact, and in the short amount of time we have been talking we hit it off. Our conversations are well thought out, fun, and flirty. I thought I ws beginning to like this guy. The other day he asked for my last name to add me on social media and I haven't heard from him since.

I really don't know what happened. I knew before we started talking that we knew mutual people but I don't know that he did. I have this feeling that thats why I haven't heard from him. Maybe one of those people said something to me about him and he doesn't want to talk anymore.

Should I write him and ask him what happened? Or just wait it out? I dont know how to approach this at all :(


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  • Well if you don't say anything, then you'll never find out.


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  • I would text him to let him know you wanna keep talking to him. Don't let him get away. I don't know this guy, but he could have just wanted to get to know you for the wrong reasons. Maybe he thought you weren't photogenic or you didn't have a nice ass in photos or something like that. I would talk to him.

  • Wait it out or move on.

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