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me an my guy cousin are the same age...we do a lot of things together...we're in the same school...recently I noticed that he doesn't want to hang as I figured something must be up...anywho...this saturday we went to a friends 21st and he got totally wasted...after a couple of drinks he was all hugging me and checkin me I said are you ok...and he said I'm selfish for being so nice and not realising he has feelings...i thought he saw me like a brother...i want to confront him,but everything makes so much sense the over protectiveness and him thinkin no guy is good this normal behaviour...he's my step-uncle's kid...but we're practically family?

i know..but he's totally avoiding me...its worse than last week...he's not even pickin up my calls..i feel like I've lost my best friend..:(


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  • I would explain to him that even though you arn't blood related, you still consider him family, and that is not going to change. You will always be there, but as his cousin, and never as anything more.

    • I wish he wld jus pick up the fone..i guess he's feeling rejected..but I dnt and when..(ive farted,burped,puked and probably taken a dump near him...u can't be attracted to that..)

    • Leave a message if you have to. he's acting childish and really odd.

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  • Tell him that you feel like that (losing a best friend). But at the same time, imagine what a position he's in. He knew that your somewhat relation as family would be a major roadblock, and he kept that bottled up. Alcohol is a truth serum, and he was just being honest.

    There's nothing wrong with dating a step cousin, or even a distant cousin. Although, blood relation is kinda creepy, it's not illegal. Decide how you feel about him. Don't let what others think about the situation get in the way. However, in my opinion the best relationships start out as close friendships. But you of course must feel attracted to him first. And that may be a challenge because you saw him as family first and foremost for so long.

    I've known people who married their 2nd cousin, and I've heard of step siblings getting married. It happens. You can control who you love! :)

    Best of luck

  • Eh explain to him everything and stay friends.

  • Not blood related, it's not that bad. Just be careful what other's think.

    Right now I like my half brother's girlfriend's son. She thinks it's weird, but even if they marry, he'd be my half nephew in law XD that's nothing!

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