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So here's the deal. I'm in a long distance relationship right now, and my girlfriend, we'll call her Gina, is going to visit me, and it'll be our first time meeting. Well Gina and I first started talking about a year ago, and it was mostly on and off communication up until a few months after meeting her. During one of our "off" phases, I had a thing with another girl, and during the time, Gina and I weren't dating. When Gina and I started talking again, I realized how much I really was into Gina, and immediately broke it off with the girl I was seeing, and then I made it official between Gina and I. The problem is that Gina doesn't know about the thing I had during our off phase with the other girl. I'm thinking of telling Gina when she comes out soon, but I'm not sure. What are your thoughts?


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  • I think if you've definitely stopped things between the two of you, I see no reason to tell her, unless you's kissed or had sex etc. did you's do that?

    • We kissed but that's it.

    • Hmm. I guess either way it could end badly. So maybe just tell her :)

  • No need to tell her if you wasn't with Gina during the other thing. It sounds like you have enough full interest and respect for Gina anyway, so I wouldn't potentially mess things up by telling her!


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