/I'm in a long distance relation ship. friends I need your help?

Me and my girlfriend had been along since Feb 2015 . we are doing good. I do respect her a lot. We do chat or we make video calls on Skype a lot and a lot. Today I don't know where I come across randomly about sex to do with her on Skype. I don't ask before about sex. But today, it's come to. I don't feel to share with her. I had talked about to do it on video call she is fine with it, she wants to do it with me. She can't live without me. I feel bad that I ask her about it. Which I don't want to. What should I do. Do I deny her that I don't want to do this kind of thing, or what should. I want to do sex online but felling weared. Do you think felling loose If i do. What should I do friend.

Today I feel worse all day. I really don't want to see her nude. online sex is fake I can't feel her, smell her , hold her, hear her heartbeat, have her moan in my ear or scream my name.. what do you think friends?
Felling alone friends what are your opinion on my LDR do you think i should you her in that way.. if you are in my place what would you do


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  • Why do you feel bad? It's not like you're forcing her to do it. It is her own choice.

    • okayv

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    • O_o. I am sorry, I don't know.

    • okay

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  • y u feel bad then?

    • I don't know. one sided i respect her one side is i want to look at her nude body. but i can't get myself should i see or not she told me to do this thing not now but some other day but soon

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    • for Canada or she can send me sponsership it is eassy to go then

    • sorry i dunno bout Canada's laws