Socially uncomfortable/awkward and want to change but I don't feel comfortable?

I have always been shy and introverted- to the point that i barely talked to anyone all through highschool
Now sometimes I am a bit more outgoing and i like it, but the situations where i am outgoing are VERY limited
I want to go do things with people and actually make good friends, but since I have always been so shy i don't know what to do since im 19 and everyone else isn't socially awkward. I don't feel comfortable talking to people in big groups unless i know them all well.


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  • Well if you got yourself this far already, why not go all the way and be able to socialise with a group of people? What motivated you to get this far already? The need for change? Make that your motivation in taking this step.

    • Yes it is the need to change, I guess I just need to know where to go to do things with people...

    • I assume some people hang out at someone's house or at the mall? Just slowly ease yourself into it, if you feel like it's to weird for you, back out, it's nothing bad if you do so. Just aslong as your slowly comfortable with it

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  • you just have to face your fears.
    but if the internet is insufficient in helping you then i recommend seeing a mental health professional

    • Except for going mental doctor is there another way?

    • Face your fears alone.
      Or get help from a professional so you know how to face your fears.
      I've been where you are where the thought of a doctor was terrifying but it could save your life, honestly.

  • its big problem. i have too :S