Started dating my cousins best friend recently met her through my cousin we both fell hard the first day we met, I added her on facebook?

She started talking to me and after he just went all uphill we started texting and talking all day after a week or 2 we are now boyfriend and girlfriend, now here's the problem i tried to play the "let her text me first, let her make topics first etc" cause i use to always chase chase chase but after a while she asked me how come i never text her first and stuff. she went to DR on Sunday won't be back till this Sunday. She calls me her bear and she really likes me but i feel like the convos started dying down between us cause we texted so much first week we started talking. But i feel like a week with her in D R without talking or texting (cause she can't its expensive, will make the relationship stronger) i really want us to work between me and her. last thing she told me was after i asked her why she wasn't replying to me faster and what was taking her long to respond she said this "Okay how about i use this trip as a set assessment kind of thing. Because right now im just lost in my emotions. which i think its also what has made me be a crappy igirlfriend. so when i get back and my brain is all clear we speak about this again and come to a logical understand of whats happening is that okay? and then i told her sounds fair and i will cya soon and she goes i will cya soon my bear *kisses* i mean i dont disrespect her or nothing the only thing that was holding us back a bit and started feeling crappy was we use to write like essays while we text now when we text its just like 1 sentence and than reply like 1 hour later or something? What can i do to spark it back up like how it was the first week when we started texting? Sorry for the essay by the way haha i ust really like her a lot and she said she really likes me as well and doesn't want me out her life.. my cousin best friend i haven't done anything bad at all just feels like the sparks not there maybe we rushed it too quick and this little DR trip will make it healthy? Thank you guys

Sorry for the long essay guys i just need some help really some tips or ideas from you all !


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  • Forget returning to text essays. "ain't nobody got time fo' dat". Not in a real relationship. Honestly texting is almost useless for growing a relationship as so much is misunderstood even if "autocorrect" is functioning perfectly. Then there's the "WHY DIDN'T HE/SHE RETURN MY TEXT" drama. Ugh.

    Your girls suggestion of "when i get back and my brain is all clear we speak about this again and come to a logical understand of whats happening" is brilliant. I think you must do this at this stage.

    • so what do you think i should do or start talking to her about that i dont already know?

  • you really need a TLDR