Am I not being assertive enough at asking her out?

Im asking because, for all intents and purposes our dates have gone well, but I haven't specifically ASKED her. Which has never been a problem before. For the first I just told her lets go get a cup of coffee when I saw her, at the end of that told her we should go eat Friday night. The second one was more like a proper date, she had fun, told me so several times, she seemed very happy. Has been cold ever since. Told her we should go to the museum next week and she said sure, told her the day before what time works for her and she said she's gonna be a bit occupied at work the next few weeks. The weeks have passed, should I have been (be, because Im trying again..) more direct as in wanna go out with me/wanna go with me/can i take you out/i want to take you out instead of "lets go", which is my usual and has rarely failed in the past.


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  • she is not interested but she doesn`t want to be blunt about it


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  • Ask her out on a date, be a man!

    I was kidding on that last part, I wasn't insulting your manhood. But seriously, ask her out on a date. And make sure she knows it's a date.

    • I'll certainly make sure she feels it's a date, but any tips on doing that? Like if my usual way isn't working, what question should I pop (lol)?

  • If you were my friend I'd be like "Man up, Bitch". Just be forward with her. Be direct and honest and confident!
    If she likes you then she'll want to go out, if not then she doesn't and just move on!

    • haha thanks for that

      I know what you're saying but to me my method has just never failed, like instead of asking just telling her im/we're doing something. Perhaps it's a way to unconsciously avoid rejection by me, but always thought it was a nice way to show confidence, and had always worked except in few instances of haha/hell no. So what's the best way? Do you want to go dinner/out/whatver with me this weekend? can i take you out again? I feel they're fine but just lack the touch i usually have

    • Haha yeah it does sound good! Mind of I steal it?

    • haha sure thing man!