Girls, what does it mean when a girl does not answer to my texts?

i met a cute girl on social network. we had a great connection. but now she started to stop answering my texs. If she answers she answers least compared to the begining we were in contact. Does she lost interest in me?


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  • here's a list of everything that it could mean:

    1: she's still thinking about what to text you back.
    2. she died.
    3. she's busy painting her walls or her house.
    4. she's stranded on an island with no signal
    5. she is stuck in a very huge traffic jam and left her phone at her house
    6. her phone was stolen.
    7. she is confused.
    8. she is busy eating
    9. she has her phone on mute and hasn't got to any text
    10. her phone broke.
    11. she is sick and broke her leg and can't get up to get to her phone.
    12. she was making a smoothie and it went wrong and her fingers got cut off and now she can't text you back.
    13. her dog died.
    14 her mom died.
    15. her dad died.
    16. someone in her family died.
    17. she is in a coma.
    18. she got ate by a shark.
    19. she went hiking and got lost in the forest.
    20. she is in jail.
    21. she got hit by a car
    22. she is busy mowing her lawn
    23. she is feeding her cats
    24. she went on a vacation
    25. she spilt a bottle of super glue and fell onto it and is stuck on her floor and can't get up.
    26. she died
    27 she died
    28 she died.

    ok, you see what I did there? What i'm trying to tell you by all that is Non of us know. She is the only one who knows, ask her. It could be anything. You will never know 100% FOR SURE until you ask. :p

    a n y t h i n g


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  • I slow up texting, eventually stopping altogether, if I am not as interested as I thought I was. In the first few dates, she doesn't really owe an explanation as you aren't even together yet. If asked outright I will tell the person.

  • in all honesty, she probably did. she might be busy, but I usually slowly stop texting when I realize what I thought I felt wasn't exactly what I'm feeling later on. However it is important that if you need to know why she is doing this, then I would say ask her. If she says "She's just been really busy" or some excuse, usually give her some space, but understand that is her letting you down as she thinks as "easy." But it is a shitty way to let you down.

  • Either she lost interest or she's just busy.

  • She's busy or she lost interest.

  • Sounds like she has moved on unfortunately

  • did you meet?

    • i met her once (or twice maybe), but i did not know her until the social network.