Why does this girl I like and talk a lot too on facebook keep changing her profile picture a lot?


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  • lol... I have done this myself many times just for fun and something different...
    Perhaps if she Knows you like her, BluePlanet1992, she is doing it to impress you.
    Good luck. xx

    • She does know i like her and we have talked for over about a month and a half do you think she is waiting for me to compliment her photo?

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    • Oh, so welcome... I will take a look and see what's up.:)) xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand... I hope all works out and glad to oblige with whatever 'other' I could.:)) xx

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  • did she do it often before u started talkin 2 her?

    • not as much, she also apologizes a lot too me showing she cares about my feelings after i thought she was ignoring me, turns out she was going to move back to wales but now is bust trying to turn it around so she can stay in london.

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    • not bad thing... maybe she doesn't want u 2 think she's flirtin wid u i believe

    • but then why would she tell me a lot about her life and talk to me for a month and a half.
      she also responded with a kiss when i started to use them as well

  • Because she likes Facebook. Woah.

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