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About a year or two I got out of a fairly abusive relationship. Since then, I have moved across the country to start over surrounded by (new) friends and family. I made the desicion that until I've established my own footing (own place, own car, good income, etc), I wouldn't enter into any kind of relationship... Problem is, I have a crush on this guy who also likes me. I haven't been upfront about wanting to stay single, because nothing like that has come up yet.. Buuut I'm fairly sure the last time we spent time together, he thought it was a date.

I like this guy, but I'm not ready for a relationship.. I have never dealt with this before... I don't want him to think I'm making an excuse, or that I don't like him...

Any thoughts on how I should word what I need to say?


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  • Leave it un said for now. You might be going faster than you think he is, so see where this relationship starts to go before jumping in with the wrong suggestions etc. If it does seem as if he is looking for a relationship, then when your sure this is the case, just tell him that due to dealing with some stubborn skeletons, your not ready to have a relationship just yet, "JUST YET" showing that your not bluntly turning him down and away, but also make sure that you do tell him that you like him, but you need to deal with some past issues before you consider a romance with anyone. If he is worthy of you, he will understand and give you the time and space to deal with what ever issues you may have, x


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  • Tell him you just got out of a relationship and you need some time for yourself. Tell him u wanna fully set in before being in a relationship. There's nothing wrong with it.
    I once had a crush on this guy, and when my friend talked to him about me he said that he just broke up with his girlfriend and he wants to be single for a while (which was true).
    He'll have to understand the situation you're in.