Is this girl interested or not?

I asked a girl out, and she seemed happy when she said yes. She seemed kinda aloof and distant later on with me, and a bit with others too. I asked her everything was alright and she explained that is near the end of the year and she says she busy with work and school and is stressing. She says she is free when schools out. When I brought up date before she talked about how busy she is with work. Apparently she's not lying about working a lot though others have also told me. She told me that I shouldn't think anything about her attitude. I asked her if we're still on for that date and she said yes. Yet, she still acts cold. She smiles when I talk to her but she always seems bored and monotone. She sorta like that with a lot of people. I feel like she won't date me until schools over. But what If she just doing that to push me away. Why would she say yes when I asked her if we're still on for that date? Should I try to get a coffee with her before school ends in a week?

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  • I'm interested. ;)

  • sorry man but for how long will u insist? seems like she just tolerates u!

    • I know, but I waited a long time muster up courage to ask her and I don't really wanna quit so easily. I guess it really seems like I don't have a shot huh?

    • unfortunately i believe there r more chances 2 win da lottery or hook-up wid a celeb, instead of winnn her... sorry bro