Girls, why didn't this girl text me back?

So this girl and I have been spending time together at her place. We kiss and slept with each other and etc. She sometimes ask me to come over and vice versa. However, last night I texted her asking if she has work today (She knows that I am asking if I can go to her place). No respond for like 12+ hours. I also texted her at night so she might be a sleep but I doubt that. She rarely does this as she usually respond within 6 hours. So today in the morning, seeing that she still haven't responded, I came up with a plan to see if she is ignoring me or not. I pretend to be texting one of my "friend" saying we can play basketball today but instead of sending the message to my friend, I send it to her to see if she would respond back. Within 4 minute she responded back with "Wrong person, I don't have work today." Like WTF man. Why didn't she tell me that last night or when she wake up in the morning but instead I have to send another "message" to get her to respond back. Can a girl/guy explain to me why would she do that? Is she playing game or just don't want me to go over there today and she only responded back because she thinks I have plans with me "friend" when in reality I don't.


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  • She doesn't want a relationship and she thinks that you do.


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