At the time she break up with me and waiting her new boyfriend to say I love you , I've found a better love but I don't know?

after painful break and recently i found my ex with a guy playing her posting her videos on internet and she don't know till this moment, and she waiting him to say i love u seems she will wait forever, sometimes i want to warring her , and sometimes i feel like the life is revenging for me and letting me watching her falling into a black hole had no way out . from another side i moved to new place new country during a buisness trip i met a real soulmate actually we weren't into sex because we really admired each other brains we exchanged a lot of beautiful talks can keep talking forever.. ended by she really want to marry me she avoided or passed the boyfriend/girlfriend level and she went to another higher level.. i just feel like im not ready to marry her nlw yet because im straight with my feelings i feel im mixed between ex love and new love i dont know what to do really the girl everyday melting more and more i try gently to push her away but nothing work. now im sure i dont love my ex and the new girl i just feel like im stuck in between.


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  • It's simple: The new girl in your life is a rebound.
    Whether it was intentional or not, you used this new woman as an emotional, mental, and sexual distraction from your ex. Now, reality is starting to hit that you did not properly deal with the breakup, you didn't give yourself time to heal and process the relationship's end, plus you seem to have not truly mourned the loss of her. So now, it's catching up to you.

    • It's also very crucial and important that you accept that YOUR EX'S LOVE LIFE IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. What is or is not occurring between her and other men is not your concern. You no longer have any place or right to pry, judge, or speculate about what is going on in her journey. It's really unhealthy for you to be inviting and including yourself into the life of an ex, especially while a new female is making love to you, being affectionate with you, and committing herself to being your partner.

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    • thank you.

    • You are welcome.

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  • is there any chance 2 get back at yer X bro?

    • actually bro i feel im out of love since i knew my ex touched another guy so it's hard to accept and impossible to back to her. if i back i won't be so fresh same as before i will always remember her cheating and the painful break up... i gues i will just go away from both... I need to recover my pains alone seriously.

  • New girl is better.