How can I talk to her?

I know this very smart, beautiful, and fun to be with girl that goes to my school. After being in some classes together, we pretty much know a little about each other. When ever I see her in the school halls, she waves subtly and smiles, a smile and wave too(with some awkwardness). She is a very interpersonal(social) person who acts in plays, talks a lot, hangs out with friends, participates in different groups. While I am a guy who is shy in big crowds (sure I can be very talkative when talking to 4-or less people, but more than that I become quiet, shy, and awkward), and when ever I respond to something she says, I say something so stupid and ridiculously random. But when ever we do talk, she always seems so nice, I can even joke around with her about how she looks and what she does and she, along with other people, laugh.

I know this is lengthy, but I was wondering how I can start talking to her normally with being nervous, awkward, or shy? Part of me thinks she likes me more than a friend, but another part just says, "I am a creep."

Thanks for anyone's time reading this! You don't know how glad I am.


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  • just say something sort of subtle...that may say you like her..then things should just go freely from there...

  • If you're really into her maybe try joining in on what she's interested in. Try out for the play maybe? I don't know this way you def. have something to talk about. Once you have something to talk about the hard part is over. Now you can just casually ask her for her number or have like a group get together with some other kids from the play and be like " I'm having some people hang out , can I text you to let you know when it is and what we're doing and stuff? " Ya know something along those line. Hope this helps : ]] Good luck!


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