Farmer's Market for a Date. Love em or Hate em?

I went to a Farmer's Market with my girlfriend as a date one Sunday Morning last month and she absolutely loved it. It was great weather, lots of great food options. Food samples we fed eachother with. Even bought some bigger items to take home on our walk. Lots of fun : )

I'm all for them as you can tell. Just curious what some other people think. Would you take your partner on a date to the Farmer's Market?

  • Totally would! I love food and it's exercise
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  • Meh, not really into them. I only want go get in, get out
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  • That sounds aromatic but healthy1

    • It was : ). One vendor blended Manhattan ClamWin Chowder and New England Clam Chowder. Called it "NewHattan Chowder". It was phenomenal

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  • That sounds like a super cute date!!!


What Guys Said 1

  • Probably not as a first date (unless she were a country girl or was interested in Southern living), but yeah I'd definitely take her to it one day :)