Have you ever immediately broke it off with someone you liked because of depression or other negative feelings or experiences?

Someone that you didn't know that well that you just started hanging out with/dating because of anxiety, depression and related feelings of indecisiveness or embarassment.

I'm wondering if this happens, because usually for me it just draws me closer to that person.

  • Yes, I disappeared without a trace.
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  • Yes, but I let them know.
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  • Yes i feel of the planet, i took off for 6 months quit job and went around traveling by myself. Did not use a phone the whole time.


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  • Been on both sides of this...
    It happens, in hindsight, when your confused, it's generally the right move more often than not

  • If that's help your question, I have broke off with my ex because she wanted to bang with me and I freaked out.


What Girls Said 1

  • It never drove me away. If anything it pulled me in deeper. Wanting to know more of that person. To see them being open made me want them more XD

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