So what should I do?

So I'm 17 and he's 32. He is my former boss and honestly is just the best person I've ever met. He's kind, funny, sarcastic, has the best personality and he is like an older male version of me. I've known him since I was 16 and I literally had a crush on him since the first time I met him. I didn't plan for it to happen so please don't look down on me because of the obvious age gap which is inappropriate. Anyways when I moved states he gave me his number and his email and just said to call him if I ever needed advice about anything that ever happened. Honestly at one point the sexual tension in our working relationship was so thick you could cut it with a knife but nothing ever happened so yeah it was just a crush. But honestly deep down I really grew to admire him as a human being individual basically I really fell in love with who he is was whatever :/ But at the time and still am a virgin and have never had a boyfriend so I wasn't about to do anything but working with him was a little hard because I'd get distracted and want to talk to him all the time. Than I moved and we texted everyday and I initiated most of the conversations but I just really missed him and he had a girlfriend so I was okay with our relationship just as it was, me being kind of the little sister and he would just give me advice if I needed it and he said we'd get drunk later on down the road and we were now friends so it wasn't weird really. Than today he asked me a question really randomly if I liked him ever at any point in our relationship liked him as more than a friend and it just kinda ripped me apart because I still think about him so much. I don't know where I'd be without him he gave me such solid advice and always listened to me. I told him I did and how I felt and he told me at the time if I was 18 and he was single he would have went for me but he couldn't because of the age thing. He didn't flirt with me really but he just said he knows what he likes... Than I asked him if he thought we

Would ever end up together and I don't know he didn't really answer my question. Bottom line I would never do anything and he definitely wouldn't do anything because of the age gap but what should I do? I mean I'm happy I met him and I stil have him in my life, I send him postcards and packages in the mail and same with all of my other friends but honestly all other guys just bore me to tears. He just makes me so happy and if I ever met someone like him I would in a heartbeat marry that man.
Any other perspectives or advice?


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  • I would explore the future in conversation. He is clearly interested and the gap you speak of is only a problem when it spans the age of majority. There are many happy couples that have ten or more years between them.

    Make it clear that you will not be a side dish. If he wants you, it's all or nothing. You might also mention that you have been saving yourself. That is likely to have an absolutely magnetic effect.

    Let me know how it works out.

    • I don't know. I don't want to say anything quite yet and plus yeah I'm definitely not sure how his relationship is going and I'd rather stay friends for the time being. I'm sending him a package in the mail and I'm going to fill it with thoughtful things he'd like. He's going to have to say something first because as of right now I'm single but not really interested in dating anyone as I work full time and am starting school soon. Plus I deserve more than some complicated confused man who isn't sure and is just saying maybe or what if. I can't do with strange ambiguous messages but yeah he can still be my friend for the time being.

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  • don't do it. You can have him as a friend but don't get too emotionally invested.

    • Nah I'm not, I'm not an idiot. For the most part based on what he's told me about his past relationships with woman he does this to every girl so I'm nothing special. I really don't care to bring it up again or wait for him. Like if I met someone right now I'd go for it, who cares and plus he's still my friend

  • U he wishes ur fine ass was 18 cause then he woulda tried something

    • Oh haha well that's interesting.

  • All that money and power is hot huh

    • At the time it was very attractive but now I feel like money and power isn't that attractive. Being caring, kind, hardworking etc is much more important than how much money you make. But yeah he's very nice.

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