Does he want a second date?

I met with a guy last Sunday for our first date. It was great, we had a picnic, he was a complete gentleman, held my hand, even kissed me.

Today is Thursday and we text everyday but even when I casually bring up the weekend he doesn't ask to make plans. I don't want to come off too strong and ask him to hang out, but do you think he even wants to?

He texts me in the morning and throughout the day but the texts seem to have become more just regular and I can't tell if he has lost interest. Now I know this is the middle of the workweek and he is busy, and I am not expecting him to constantly send gusy messages or anything, it just seems like now they are much more routine than at the beginning of the week. (Like how on Monday the day after we met he called me "sweetie," but now he doesn't.)

Just curious to hear everyone's opinions on what he might be thinking, and if I am just over thinking things.

Thanks in advance!


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  • I think its just too fast to come to any conclusions. Plus maybe he thinks just a week apart is too soon for a second date. Best to just wait a week and see what happens

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