I think my sister is making a bad decisions when it comes to this guy. Am I wrong?

My sister is 33 and I am 22. We are close even with the large age difference. When it comes to men she has made bad decisions. Three years ago she had my niece with a boy who is my age who was not her husband or even her boyfriend. He cheated was abusive emotionally and physically, he ended up having a baby with a girl who lives with him and his parents at the same time my sister had my niece. She's moved on from that situation, but I do not think she has learned from it. She recently started talking to someone. The guy is the same age as her and has a daughter and he seems ok from the outside. They talked for a while befor becoming official. Less than a month of being together as boyfriend and girlfriend he breaks up with her and says that his feelings don't match hers. She cried and was hurt and told him that she loved him. My advice to her was to LEAVE HIM ALONE. But of course she did not she continued to talk with him on a daily basis and a month soon also began sleeping with him. Now she is telling my that they are going out on family dates. Her my niece him and his daughter. I don't want her or my niece to be involved with someone who doesn't know how they feel. She's sleeping with this guy and going out on family dates but that's not her boyfriend. Am I wrong? Do I tell her that I think this is not a good idea? Or do I leave it be because she is an adult?


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  • You can't say anything about this. She's an adult and she needs to make her own decisions. She won't appreciate your advice or concern.