Can I rectify smothering him in our relationship?

I guess I was too accepting of spending time together with my partner. We jumped from seeing eachother one day a week to spending a night together a fro a couple of weeks and then very quickly we would be spending 4-7 nights together regularly.
My boyfriend is someone that appreciates time to himself and he likes to play his online play station with his best friend or chill with family or just have time to himself outside of our relationship.
Last week I seen a message on his phone from a girl saying that it was really nice of him to compliment her and she enjoyed chatting. I confronted him and asked what it was about, he had also deleted the previous messages. He said he felt guilty about it and felt it was inappropriate after he had done it. We spoke and he admitted he had felt a bit suffocated recently and he flirted with this woman.
We have agreed to spend a bit less time together and that we won't stay at eachothers houses for days on end unless we talk and agree. I did mention communication being important to me but I respect his need for space and I don't expect to text and speak all day.
I have asked he doesn't speak to the woman he flirted with until things have settled, he has agreed.
Is there anything else I should consider and anything I should be doing other than the above?


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  • not at all... but sounds like u r kinda distand between each other... no?

    • I don't know If we are distant from eachother. I think we need to work on having lives outside of our relationship maybe? Like so he feels he can see his friends and make plans without me and vice versa.
      We had a situation a few months ago where I over reacted and I think I gave the impression I wanted us to spend all our time together and he didn't want to hurt my feelings by bringing it up. I love our time together but I feel we also need time to grow and let the relationship grow?

    • yup.. although i believe it'd b bettr 2 spend more time 2gether if u guys r official

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  • No. You should probably let him have some time to himself. However, if I were you I'd be wary of more signs of "sketchy" behavior.