Should I stay and wait to Date her or just move on?

So there is girl I met at a dancing event 3-4 weeks ago and we got to know each other very well. We both have a lot in common and everytime we danced together we always have a strong connection with each other. Well the thing is when we were both alone and she was telling me her secrets and I know that we as human beings are not perfect and we have flaws and are not proud of our past actions. Well she told me during college she was a stripper, smoked, went to jail, and was in a porno. Recently she got grounded by her parents and she is 20 years old and still lives with them. She is grounded for the entire summer and when she goes back to college its like 7 hours apart from her to me. So there is no way to contact her. She is grounded from most things and can't leave the house unless it's school and work. She can't text, call, or even use email. So I don't know what to do? Should I go to her house and talk to her parents about being less strict? We were supposed to have a date next week and then I found out the other day she got grounded by her parents and she won't tell me the reason. So I am 23 years old and she is 20 is it worth the wait or should I just move on? She likes me a lot but is it worth to stay? I like her a lot too. We got to know each other a lot by coffee as well. She is two inches taller than I am.


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  • You like her. So I would wait if that's what you really want.


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