Can any Ethiopian or native African men help me out?

I am having an affair with my Ethiopian co worker. We work at a bakery on a farm & have known each other for 2 months. I had an instant attraction & connection to him the second I met him. He expressed it was love at first sight when we met. (He told me that before I ever told him it was the same for me).

We we made things official yesterday after work. Went to lunch then he came to my place for the first time. He bought me groceries & we had sex lol.

He is 22 years older than me & speaks good English but still has his accent. He told me he did not have sex with his wife until after marriage & has been dissatisfied for years. I understand his situation & know that sex is a big part of our attraction.

Like I said he bought me a weeks worth of groceries, lunch, & a few other things. He has another job & makes great money. None of which concerns me or that I care about. He offered to move me into an apartment he has for rent. I kindly say no to everything he offers but he insists. Last night he even said he wants me to give him babies lol. I've never met a guy like him.

Can anyone give me some insight on this guys behavior? Anyone that's dated Ethiopian or African men or any African men that can tell me more about their feelings toward American women or women they have dated in general?


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  • You are young and naive and you are being used. I pity you.

    • I'm not. He's very open & honest. I was surprised when he said it flat out. Most married men will use you but won't say it. We talked over lunch & he explained it will be a sexual thing. That's all I've wanted with him from day one. The day I met him I want to fuck him. I know exactly what's going on. I've been with married men before :)

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    • Nor really. We're both in it for the same thing. All cards are on the table.

    • Yeah, you're naive, good luck being a single mother!

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  • 22 years older? does he mind bout age difference?

  • African men are usually quite violent, I'd be careful, if I were you.

    • Funny you say that. He is the absolute nicest man I've ever met but at lunch I caught a few things he said that surprised me. We ordered food & I only wanted something small. His response was "no you'll eat. Please my treat" I said what I wanted & said "no, don't make me get angry". Lol later he said he asked a girl out in Ethiopia & when she said no he punched he. He said she said no then her books fell. As he helped her pick them up he punched her on the way up. That was when he was a kid in school. I made sure I knew the details lol.

  • He wants a green card doll

    • He's been here 20 years & has his own company. He doesn't need anything.

    • Then he wants a young trophy wife to spit out some babies before he hits fifty

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  • Hey, I'm an Ethiopian female and I think I can give you an insight into the African/Ethiopian male mindset. From my knowledge Ethiopian men love white women. They want their kids to have lighter, fairer skin and curlier hair so its natural that he would be attracted to you (if you are white). As far as what a relationship would look like between you two, I think you already know the answer.. which is there isn't one. I think a man like this could very well love you and like you, but at the end of the day African men are CRAFTY. They are always looking for ways to get ahead and better themselves. If you are ok being apart of his self-improvement plan and being a supportive girlfriend then GO FOR IT. I do think he is using you, but that you are far too enamored with his "humble" maybe even soft spoken appearance. Trust me, if something happened to you he would not be sad or shed a tear. This is one sided. Good luck girl

    • Thank you for your post. Nice to hear from someone that's been around Ethiopian people.
      He & I are actually still together & the feeling get stronger every day. Sex is no longer a big part of our relationship. We also no longer work together but it's even more like a natural relationship. I see him most days of the week & we talk every single day. He is such a sweet man.
      I agree that they like white women. He has expressed that he's never been with one & would have liked to be with one at least once but he's not too attracted to them. I do hair lighter skin but I'm not white. I am black & Puerto Rican with straight hair, usually in a pony tail. I'm a regular girl. He treats me like a queen. He's so caring but can also be overly possessive. I love him without any doubts. He asks me to marry him almost every day lol. I wish I would have met him sooner.

    • wow!! that's great to hear that your relationship is progressing so much. I do hope you guys can make it. Are you hoping he leaves his wife eventually?