I want to feel loves0d, genuinely loved?

If you are here to say something like "you're still young", here is the door. Im not desperate to find a girlfriend. I just want to relive that feeling of being loved. just this time I dont want to get cheated on. I dont have a great luck on girls you see so I cannot find that feeling easily. Also dont tell me "it will come when you least expect it". I know that this is true sometimes but im the kind of boy who will force his way in if I want to get somewhere. so.. what can I do?

Title correction: I want to feel loved, genuinely loved


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  • Start by loving yourself. You can't be in a relationship if you don't love yourself first. Once you do you'll radiate a confidence that will attract the right people.

    • i can se the logic behind this. Luckily I have things around me perfectly set so I dont really have any problem with myself..

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    • Girls in clubs aren't usually looking for commitment anyways. Just go out in the world and meet girls in coffeeshops, the gym, the library etc.

    • Ill try.. thanks!

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  • Your in high school join clubs your interested go to school games library book store do a random thing like I did go up to a girl you've never met before and say "excuse me ummm I know this sounds weird but is there any chance I can ask you for your opinion on something" if she says yeah sure " be honest "I don't really know how to approach a girl and ask her for her number or on a date and I figured the best way to learn is to ask a girl so can you give me some advice" if the girl is cool like the one I asked she will be honest and give you advice the one I asked said introduce yourself ask for her name and talk about what you like take it from there. I would also say be true to yourself be you 120% have a good character be the right type of guy and don't go completely hunting for love cause chances are your going to look in the wrong places have confidence don't be super self restricted don't settle when you get a girlfriend by this I mean ohh this is my only chance at lobe nobody else will love me not the case if she is mean or messed up to you its okay to end it and move on same if she is controlling or manipulatIive and I agree with #vicster_6