Should you ask for a kiss?

Or you have to wait until it happens naturally? Let’s say you like a guy. The first time you ever met he gave you a kiss on your mouth, quick, but you did not made out. Then the time passed and you went out for your first date. At the end of that date you both had a sensual making out session (the lady believes the guy made out with her on the first date because for him it was a way to get away with it because when they first first met each other previously and the guy give her a quick kiss on the mouth it was beause the guy wanted to make out back then but could not do it).

Then there is plan for a second date, in the case there won't be any making out session in the second date, do you think it is appropriate to ask the guy for a kiss, even if this won't come naturally? I mean like telling him: Hey give me a kiss but that kiss may turn into a making out session probably. Is that too bold to ask a guy or that is a behavior that should not be followed by either an adult man or an adult woman. Thoughts?


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  • better naturally... if u both like each other it'll come naturally i believe

    • What if I say it this way I really want to kiss you, May I? Like asking for his permission or still better happening naturally.

    • that'd sound cute :D

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmmm I think asking or letting it happen naturally can both sexy. I've had guys say 'I really want to kiss you right now, can I?' which was incredibly hot but I've also had dates where it just naturally happened which was also great. Haha probably not very helpful.

    • Let me put you a scenario with this guy and tell me what u think.

      There is a guy I like and even though we text at random times, I always do it at night so I wotn interrupt him during the day in the case he is working, at night we have more free time and also I already came from work at that time.

      The thing is that after we finished texting last nite and I went to sleep, this may sound corny, but I had dream about him, a normal dream about him training and me presenting him to the family (he is into sports training) not a sensual or sexual dream. In my mind I want to share it with him and tell him tonite that I dreamed about him but the other side of me tells me that is not correct and that is lame for me to do it and too childish. Let me add we had been out for a first date before and made out pretty sensual. He even asked me once to send him a picture of myself in my office attire as he was curious to see how I look like in work clothes. He complimented on my looks when we first ha

    • first hang out. We are in our 40's.