Ok heres the deal if you read this you MUST reply!!!

This guy at my skool he's like a big brother to me like protecting me and stuff. But here's the prob. I like him. I want to ask him out but he's too much like a brother to me. I think he likes me but I can't really tell. I have a ton of boys who, like him, are big brothers to me. But this guy is special he's just like. You know. He's just. Hmm how do I put this. He's a flirt with me and protective he's gives me obviose hints. And he's really cute so I need help. Should I ask my friend out? I realy want to but I'm not sure I should thanks if you reply I need this help.


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  • Incest. Kinky. But seriously if you like the guy and what he is constantly helping you out with then I don't see what the problem is of course if you break up later on then you would probably end up losing a REALLY good friend.


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