Young women, can a young bald guy be attractive?

I'm 19 and have early balding, it's very thin up top and just looked bad so I opted to shave it all off, it's a skin no hair at all think like pitbull, anyway people say I pull it off, in a slender paler guy but head and face work good with it, but I read so much saying baldness is an automatic turnoff, I realize its not likely a preference but young ladies could you be attracted/date to a young guy with no hair? I think I still look decent but it seems a huge dealbreaker from what I've read and heard.

  • Not a preference but I could easily find a bald young guy otherwise attractive and date him
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  • i find bald attractive
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  • At this age I'd probably hold out for a 'hair' guy
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  • Baldness is a huge turn off for me and most girls I know
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  • Oh shit sorry to hear about that dude, One of my mates had alopecia, So, i know it can suck :/.

    Good luck dude! ;)

  • Grow a goatee with it. You look like a boss.