The guy I like is a popular lacrosse player and jock and i'm not popular, in hs could jocks date girls that arnt in that crowd?

Im worried because he's only had a couple gfs and they were both poular and played lacorsse so I don't know if hed like anyone who didn't


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  • Have you every thought about this.

    You yourself have admitted to not being the "popular" girls crowd (whatever you label them to be) but you desire a "popular" guy. So why not instead of looking for guys in that crowd... go for someone in your social position? I'm not saying sell yourself short but maybe look deeper and readjust your ideas of attraction.

    Anyways, the same reason he goes for popular girls is the same reason your going for a popular guy.. so.. if you won't go for the non-tipical guy.. how do you think his decision making works?

    PS: Popular high school guy puts 90% emphasis on looks, 9% on status, 1% personality.

    • for some reason i'm always always attracted to jocks and a hve a thing for guys that play lacrosse I don't know if guys even notice girls' status? do they?

    • high school teens are very self conscious and seek a lot of validation from their peers. As you become an adult, you stop caring so much about approval.

      I'm just challenging you to think about why your attracted to "jocks" and not the other guys, then think about who you are.

      The same reasons you aren't attracted to the "other guys" is going to be the exact same reason jocks may not be attracted to you.

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  • Go For It. I had the same issue