What are the typical first date expectations ?

I've never been on a date before so I was wandering what are the typical behaviors and expectations for a first date ?


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  • On a first date, both parties are general pretty nervous. There will be all kinds of tension. It can be good or bad. Neither of you will know exactly what the other person is thinking which will add suspense to everything. Chances are you will have butterflies and you will be really anxious. All of these things may sound bad but they aren't at all. They give you a rush and it's exciting. Now I am assuming that both of you hit it off and are fairly attracted to one another. If you aren't interested in one another, it won't be like this at all. You can definitely expect the guy to ask you questions, hopefully he offers to pay if you go out somewhere. But ultimately you decide the fate of your date. Move at your pace and do not do anything that doesn't make you comfortable. If it doesn't feel right, it isnt. And if it feels right, then it is. There is no real standard for what constitutes as a good date. It's all up to you. But if things seem awkward at first, that is definitely normal. :) hope this helps