How to date a girl thats out of my league?

she's hot as hell, cooler, and she does more things than me. I just play guitar and go home and sleep, then go to work, do it all over again the next day. Her ex looked like Joe Jonas and then little old me comes along haha. She has like 3k followers on instagram, and that scares me. I don't know man, seems like i have a lot of competition..

Sorry to not include this. But we are already going on a date. She likes me. But what if she grows to not?


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  • (laughing)
    No risk = no reward
    Let HER decide

    Tip: Just DONT be yet another cliche sycophant!!!

    • she's pretty popular. But I don't know its kinda scary. We are already going on a date.

    • Enjoy your date dude and DONT let other staring men threaten you into insecurity as THAT is automatically a HUGE turnoff. Peace xo

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  • If you're confident in yourself just ask her out otherwise I think you should just drop it

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