Help with attractive women?

I consider myself a shy/inexperienced guy even though I have had several dates and have been able to muddle/stutter my way through actually getting a girls real number. There are these two girls that I find attractive in my class yet I have spoken them not much (class is almost done probably two weeks left). I have pretty much three different things I need advice on.

1.) What do you actually talk to a girl about, because most of the things I like she might not like (ie. Sports, Musical Instruments, Anime and Computers)? Also how to create attraction or should I just keep moving forward despite not knowing what the hell I am doing?

2.) What to say if I even get the number (I tend to text a lot except for when I am setting up a date since I hate talking on the phone and never know what to say. Yes lots of uncomfortable silences)?

3.) This question is a little off base, because I would be surprised if I even got a date with any one of them. With your gf/wife were you surprised that she even said yes or noticed you when you asked her out?

4.) How to keep things going past three dates? (I tend to be three dates and that's it except for one girl I dated for three months)?


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  • Number 1: Ask her questions about herself. I find it flattering and a hint as to when a guy is interested in me is when he wants to know more about me. Ask her about the things that interest you to figure out if you do have similar interests. Only way to know is to ask. It never hurts to ask. Sometimes it's ok if you both don't have the same interests. It's more of the personal values that can be important. As for attraction, confindence is key. It may be difficult when you are shy (trust me I know) but if you're confident with who you are then things get a bit easier.

    Number 2: If you get her number, just send a friendly text message. Try to get to know her a little bit before you jump for a date.

    Number 4: As for continuation, you just have to keep showing interest. And if it's not reciprocated then it's time to look elsewhere. At this point things should flow and she should be happy to see you and showing some effort as well. It's not all one sided!

    I hope I've helped!


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  • 1) Diversify your interests. Take up cooking classes, rec sports, hiking, art classes, etc. Musical instruments is a good non-typical-guy and non-nerdy interest, so that's a start.

    2) Seriously bro... talking on the phone is so overrated these days. people are busy these days! Use texting instead.

    3) My most recent ex, I wasn't worried about her saying no. I could tell by her body language cues she was into me.

    4) Diversify the dates. Don't be too typical (meal, movie, etc). Window shopping at a mall can be a lot of fun! Trust me, girls worth keeping don't want the typical date scenarios ALL the time!