So what should I do now?

I need your help in figuring out the next steps in this. Ok so my mates, they decided it was the right time of the year to go forward with the girl I liked. So they talked, and got her number for me, while I was home not knowing what they were doing. Note that I never asked them to do this but I appreciate it. But what do I do now? I just got her number today, she knows I have it but when/what should I text her? Also once I text what should I talk to her about? What do girls like talking about? I bestowed upon the girls ask guys community because I could get real answers from many guys and girls. Thanks!


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  • Well u should ask her how she's been and sometimes girls like to hear about u but make sure u complement her girls sometimes like cheating about there selves and ask her questions get to know her better


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