I'm very confident. But not around women. What do I do?

I'm a confident guy, but after years of bad luck with women I have lost all confidence they want me. I'm physically attractive and girls notice me. I know that confidence is #1 and when I try to get to know a girl I loose all confidence and they reject me. I seem to be in a vicious circle. So many rejections, what do I do?


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  • Man break your fears let them keep denying you until you master confidence. Be confident or die trying.


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  • this makes me laugh because i am with the most shy guy ever and have been for a few years now. When we met, we had a horrible first date. He goes quiet when he's nervous and I babble uncontrollably. We must have looked pathetic.

    Luckily I am not backwards in coming forward and when we were driving home i got him to pull over by where i live at the beach. I asked a few things which usually got one word answers and I started to get the nerves thing so I asked a simple question... I said 'Are you the sort of person where if they are scared to do something would dive right in and get it done or would you just not do it?' he replied with 'not do it' so I grabbed him and I kissed him and watched him relax.

    My point is that you should explain to a woman you are nervous, it is a compliment as we get fed up of players coming up to us all brazen and bold when really we want to know we lit the room up for you and we make you nervous!

    • If only I could find a gal like you. Everything says that women are turned off by lack of confidence and nervousness. Every day on gag you see girls saying confidence is key, lack of is a turnoff etc .

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    • my bro is shy to a point where he hated picking up a phone! he's married with a son happily.

      My boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years.

      drop me a PM and I will help you with your confidence. :)

    • That would be super nice I would really appreciate your help. ill pm you later. 😊

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  • It sounds a bit chicken and egg. You say your failures with women have made you lose confidence, which makes you fail with women.

    There must be some other reason you are failing. The first time you failed, there must have been some other reason. Are you aware of what women generally find attractive? Have you cultivated those traits? Are you displaying them? When you interact with a woman, are you meeting her needs?

    I suspect that when you lose your nerve, you fall back into bad habits, which are what actually scare off the woman, rather than the lack of confidence itself. What usually happens? How does your behavior change?

    • I was fine for the first half of my life. I was married and never had much of a problem. But after that ended I've hade nothing but trouble with women. People who know me say I'm a good conversationalist and carry myself well, I just start to get nervous and things fail from there.

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    • I guess I become quiet and have trouble thinking of things to say.

    • Okay, so next time that happens, you could shake things up. Share something about yourself. Ask a question. Suggest a change of scenery.

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