Lunch vs dinner date?

We were meant to have dinner but he had to work back so we're having lunch instead.
I'm disappointed because people don't go home together after lunch lol, its less fun
would he have thought of that? I find it hard to believe he wouldn't make it the next night he was free, we've been seeing each other for a few months and it seems like now that I'm ready to sleep with him it's not a big deal to him


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  • Of course dinner date faciliates easier for hooking up. Night time is definitely a more romantic atmosphere. For me, lunch date seems like buddy's manner. For some people, it's hard to seduce a girl during daytime, which is why so many guys try to get drunk to approach girls in the nightclub.

    • That's true
      It was originally night though, but I hope he doesn't want to just be friends now
      Maybe I should suggest something for another night, like a movie night in or something you think?

    • poor you, as a woman needs to do all these stuffs hehe...
      he's a guy supposed to initiate these stuffs..
      however, you may reach out to him more. like having dinner followed by a movie? or having dinner followed by a walk. It's up to you. it's probably better to say something like , ''hey, i miss you, i just wonder when you're free to hangout?'' the rest, where u both want to go, if he's interested in being more than friends, or knows how to lead the interaction, he would do so. Relax my lady ;)

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  • I dont think it matters it's still a date. But if you were to ask, lunch dates have better outcomes

    • Better outcomes how?

    • It leads to more intellectually, unless you both have sex in mind during lunch

    • To be honest, it's been a few months so I wouldn't mind skipping the meal all together lol
      Can't exactly say that to a guy who wants to be sweet and take me out though

  • It is beleive me, especially since he has been waiting to finnally nail that fine ass

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    • Friends or gay either one. But give him one last shot! He could be nervous himself, there are a lot of shy guys out there who overthink get anxiety over they won't measure up or perform well. a lot of pressure beleive it or not. So give him another chance, and maybe let him know dude we need to go get naked!!! Just like that

    • I messaged him and said wish you came over, I'm in bed and I miss you
      He replied yeah I'm wayy too tired, I can't move
      So I just said lol that's fine sweetie I figured you'd be tired, I thought I could help you relax though. Goodnight x

      If he doesn't do something with that I'm not being any more blunt and just being friends lol

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  • You're probably looking too much into it. He probably didn't see any difference in it. Just because it is at lunch time doesn't mean it couldn't end up going on into the evening. He might not want to pressure you in to bed?

  • My lover and i have met in many a bathroom post lunch haha. Or coffee. Or if not in the bathroom the car. Lunch can be sexy. Make a move. Unbutton your work shirt a little... Wear a pencil skirtthat day. Brush his leg and sit on the same side as him. Work it! Its lunch :)